Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each year in the United States, millions of automobile, truck, and motorcycle accidents occur and result in hundreds of thousands of deaths and serious injuries.  These accidents are largely caused by driver negligence and reckless behavior. 

Although automobile and trucking cases are common, they are often complicated.  Each case is different, and only the most experienced attorneys can examine the facts of a case to obtain the maximum recovery a plaintiff in a particular case deserves.  Each attorney at Cervantes & Associates possesses vast experience handling vehicle accident personal injury cases.  The firm employs every available strategy and has an extensive network of trustworthy and experienced experts who can assist our attorneys with recreating the accident scene and accurately determining the damages sustained.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles offer less protection to their drivers than cars; this means that motorcyclists involved in accidents often suffer injuries that are more serious.  Additionally, automobile drivers often blame motorcyclists of driving unsafely and causing the accident.  Therefore, if you are a motorcyclist and suffered an injury in an accident,  an experienced attorney can protect your rights and ensure that you recover the damages you deserve. 

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles, such as buses, are among the most dangerous and serious because these vehicles are so much bigger than cars.  Additionally, drivers of commercial vehicles are often driving long distances; this means they can be fatigued, easily aggravated, or under the influence of something they took to try to stay awake.  These drivers can also be inexperienced or improperly trained. 

Cases involving trucks and commercial vehicles may also come with other potential legal actions; for example, you might be able to recover from a truck driver's employer if it knew the driver was inexperienced, improperly trained, had a substance abuse problem, or often drove fatigued.

These cases are particularly complex because, depending on where the vehicle was driving to or from and what it was carrying in a particular case, either state or federal laws may apply.  In trucking and commercial accident cases, it is important to hire an attorney who understands both applicable state and federal laws and knows how to litigate these cases in both state and federal court.  Cervantes & Associates have litigated countless cases involving trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. 

Seek Experienced Legal Counsel

Car accidents may seem common or routine; however, each case is different and requires experienced legal representation to ensure that you receive the maximum recovery to which you are entitled.  The attorneys at Cervantes & Associates have represented countless injured plaintiffs who have suffered all types of injuries in all types of vehicle accidents.  If you have been injured in a car, bus, truck, or motorcycle accident, contact the experienced attorneys at Cervantes & Associates today for a free initial consultation. 

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