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Medical malpractice is an extremely complex area of personal injury law.  Just because a medical procedure was not successful—even if it caused injury—does not automatically constitute medical malpractice.  You must be able to prove that a practitioner acted unreasonably, causing injury.  This is why you need skilled assistance from a St. Louis medical malpractice law firm.  The attorneys at Cervantes & Associates have the experience needed to determine the validity of your case and explore your options on how to proceed.

When you need a St. Louis medical malpractice law firm

Most healthcare providers carry malpractice insurance to cover the costs of patient claims.  But, this is not like auto insurance, where a claimant files directly with the insurance company—it is a form of liability insurance, and the claims process is complex and fraught with potential problems, such as the following:

  • Only about two percent of injuries caused by medical negligence actually become malpractice claims.
  • Awards are often inequitable—individuals with valid claims can receive no compensation, while those with questionable claims can be overly rewarded.

It is critical to retain an attorney with extensive experience in this specialized area of the law.  The medical malpractice law firm of Cervantes & Associates in St. Louis has the skills to ensure the best possible results from a malpractice insurance claim—and to explore other avenues to achieve full and fair compensation if an insurance settlement does not cover the full expenses for your injuries.

Do not take a chance with your future.  Initial consultations with medical malpractice law firms can make the difference between full compensation and potentially ruinous out-of-pocket expenses.  In St. Louis, the firm of Cervantes & Associates offers a free initial consultation to assess your case.

Contact an experienced St. Louis malpractice lawyer

If you have any doubt about whether your situation merits a medical malpractice claim, the attorneys at Cervantes & Associates can explore the options that make the most sense for your situation.  Contact our St. Louis, Missouri office by calling (314) 621-6558 for a free initial consultation.


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