St. Louis Injury Settlement

When you are injured as the result of the negligence of someone else, you have a right to compensation for your losses.  You can pursue compensation through an insurance or out-of-court settlement, or, in certain situations, filing a lawsuit may be needed to achieve the full compensation you need.

How a settlement works

As a general rule, any form of settlement ensures you receive compensation more quickly—and with less stress—than when you file a lawsuit.  But, since jury awards tend to be higher, settlements are appropriate in straightforward situations involving injuries that are certain to heal within a reasonable period of time.  There are two types of settlements:

  • Insurance settlements:  When injuries are relatively minor—such as a broken bone or whiplash—filing an insurance claim may be all you need to achieve compensation for your expenses.  But, without the assistance of an attorney, the settlement offer may be less than you need, even if it appears adequate.  The moment you sign the offer, you waive any further claims, which is why it makes sense to bring the offer to a skilled injury attorney at Cervantes & Associates before you sign.  We have the experience to recognize a valid offer, and we can take steps to ensure you are treated fairly.
  • Out-of-court settlements:  For more severe injuries—generally requiring more than simple medical attention—an insurance settlement is not likely to provide the full compensation you need for lost time from work, therapy, and even help performing household chores while you are unable to meet your responsibilities.  These situations generally require negotiations with opposing attorneys to achieve an out-of-court settlement.  You do not want to handle these negotiations yourself—the attorneys at Cervantes & Associates have the skills needed to obtain the best possible results from other attorneys.

St. Louis injury lawsuit

For severe injuries—particularly those that leave you with permanent scarring or disabilities—it often makes more sense to file a lawsuit and rely on a jury to decide your case.  Although some lawsuits end up being resolved through a settlement that can be negotiated up until the final jury decision, you should expect that taking your claim to court is a long-term, potentially stressful process.

Filing a lawsuit involves a full courtroom procedure:

  • You work with your attorney to build an effective case.
  • The trial begins with jury selection.
  • Both attorneys present opening arguments, followed by a full courtroom process of hearing testimony from all involved parties and expert witnesses and closing arguments.
  • The jury deliberates the case and issues a decision.  If you win the case, the jury is also responsible for setting the award.

Although this process can be complicated, the attorneys at Cervantes & Associates guide you through every step to reduce the stress and ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Contact an experienced injury law firm in St. Louis

Even if you believe you can handle your own case, it always makes sense to seek guidance from an experienced injury attorney.  The attorneys at Cervantes & Associates can identify your best options—and let you know when you need their legal support to achieve the best possible results for your case.  Contact our St. Louis, Missouri office by calling (314) 621-6558 for a free initial consultation.


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