Our St. Louis Injury Law Firm Helps Clients Obtain Compensation for Many Types of Injuries

When an injury—from minor to severe—is caused by the negligence of someone else, you have a right to seek full compensation for the financial and other losses you sustained.  You need to retain an experienced injury law firm.

With over three decades of experience helping accident victims in St. Louis and throughout Missouri and Illinois, Cervantes & Associates has the track record and history of client satisfaction that make it a clear choice among many St. Louis injury law firms.  We can help you pursue compensation for a full range of accidental injuries, including the following:

  • Minor to moderate injuries:  Even if you sustained only a simple broken bone or a minor concussion—you have a right to compensation for all associated expenses.  An insurance claim may be all you need, but dealing with insurance adjustors can lead to paying out of pocket for some costs.  Before you sign a settlement offer, let our attorneys review it to ensure it is fair.  We can advise you of your options—and we can interact with the adjustors on your behalf when needed.
  • Severe injuries:  When injuries are severe—such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis and spinal cord injuries, burns, or amputations—recovery can extend over a long period, or the injuries can be permanent.  Our attorneys have the extensive experience handling these often-difficult cases, either through an out-of-court settlement or a jury award.
  • Wrongful death:  When a close family member is killed as the result of a negligent or even violent criminal act, no dollar amount can truly compensate for the loss.  But, our skilled injury attorneys can help you pursue a wrongful death claim to recover certain financial and even emotional costs associated with the loss of your loved one.

What St. Louis injury victims need to do

Collecting evidence immediately after the accident is extremely helpful to building an effective case.  If your injuries are severe, you may not be able to obtain valuable evidence from the scene—getting medical attention should always be your top priority.  But, if possible, obtain contact information from anyone at the scene—including witnesses.  Preserving physical evidence, such as damaged clothing, photos of your injuries and other damages, can be worth the effort.  Naturally, keep all receipts for medical and other expenses related to the injury.

As soon as possible, seek counsel from an experienced injury law firm.  When you speak to an attorney at Cervantes & Associates, we immediately begin advising you of the actions you need to take to preserve your claim.

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The attorneys at Cervantes & Associates have earned national recognition for our ethical and successful representation of thousands of injured clients.  Contact our St. Louis, Missouri office by calling (314) 621-6558 for a free initial consultation.


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